Monali Thakur backs Sonu Nigam’s allegation on music industry: Artists aren’t getting purchased songs or have rights

Monali Thakur

Monali Thakur has recently opened on the existence of mafia within the music industry. She has also backed Sonu Nigam’s earlier statements about an equivalent .

Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic demise has involved another debate which is said to nepotism and therefore the existence of mafia within the Bollywood movie industry

Recently, Sonu Nigam has opened on the whole matter and also called out the music industry stating that a much bigger mafia exists within the same. The singer further stated that the facility remains within the hands of a couple of people that decide the individuals for singing. Sonu has also called out a B-town star without naming anyone.

Monali Thakur has now backed Sonu Nigam’s allegations stating that mafia does exist within the music industry which nobody gets their due there. The singer further says that she doesn’t just like the atmosphere of the industry and has stopped trying to find chances to sing for Bollywood films.

In her words, she has alienated herself from the system as she cares for her psychological state . Monali further says that artists don’t get purchased their work.

She cites an example stating that if someone signs up with a label then they’re going to need to divulge 80% or 50% of their income. Not only that but their royalty rights also are been snatched away, claims the singer.

Monali says that neither the artists get purchased Bollywood songs nor they need any rights on an equivalent .

Moreover, the singer reveals that if someone releases one (album), then its rights also are been removed . She signs off by agreeing to the very fact that each one artists get paid from live concerts.

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