5 Popular Indian dishes that weren’t originated in India


5 Popular Indian dishes indian cuisine is very popular for its rich aroma and flavour. But a number of the foremost popular Indian recipes aren’t from India. does one want to understand their names? Then here’s the list for you.

Indian is predominantly popular for its rich and exotic cuisine that consists of various flavourful dishes from different regions of the country.

The Indian cuisine has different sorts of one particular dish. they need evolved tons to urge their modern form. The cuisine of India has been influenced by different cuisines.

Not only influence, but a number of the foremost popular dishes have also come from different regions of the planet and most of our favourite foods are on the list.

One among the foremost common is Biryani, but there are several other dishes that weren’t originated in India. Let’s determine those dishes below.

Indian dishes that weren’t originated in India:

1. Samosa


Samosa is one among the foremost popular street snacks of India which isn’t native to the country. it had been actually originated within the Iranian plateau, Sanbosag. Then, it eventually entered Indian cuisine via Central Asia.

2. Gulab Jamun

It’s an inseparable a part of Indian desserts and was originated in Persian cuisine. This dessert was delivered to India by the Mughal Empire. The word gul means flower and jamun means blackberry.

3. Vindaloo

Vindaloo may be a highly popular dish of Goa and it had been introduced by Portuguese explorers to the Indian cuisine during the 15th century. The dish was actually referred to as Carne de vinha d’alhos (Portuguese term).

4. Jalebi

Jalebi is adored by most of the Indians but surprisingly it’s not native to our country; it’s a West Asian dish. This was also an introduced to the Indian cuisine by the Mughals. Originally, it had been called Zalabiya, but later, it got the local pronunciation, Jalebi.

5. Pav

Pav may be a popular street food in Maharashtra, especially Mumbai. It can complement many dishes like Vada pav, keema pav, missal pav, etc. But it had been also delivered to India by Portuguese.


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