Easy Breakfast Recipe: the way to Make A 3-Ingredient Energy Boosting Smoothie

Energy Boosting Smoothie

Smoothie may be a rich yogurt or milk-based preparation, blended with fruits, veggies, dry fruits or seeds of your choice. Here’s how you’ll make an energy-boosting smoothie for breakfast reception .


  • Smoothies are a superb thanks to load on essential nutrients
  • They also are a fast , easy and wholesome breakfast option in summers
  • Here may be a nutritious smoothie recipe that you simply can try reception

Energy Boosting Smoothie It’s amazing to ascertain how our food choices change with changing season. Come summers and every one we will consider are chilled beverages like juices, shakes and smoothies, in contrast to piping hot tea and soups within the winter chill.

We are right at the height of summer season and it’s that point of the year when all we would like is to take a seat in an air-conditioned room with a relaxing beverage. we frequently skip heavy meals as they could produce heat within the body. But we are up for love or money chilled to drink!

Aam panna, watermelon juice, mango shakes and smoothie, you name it and that we simply can’t say no.

Smoothies are one among the foremost popular beverages lately . they’re healthy, wholesome, quick, easy and irresistibly delicious. No wonder they are not just popular amongst fitness enthusiasts.

In fact, it’s quite hit among kids too. A nutrient-rich, wholesome smoothie are often an excellent mid-day energy booster and should even work well as a fast , easy breakfast.

And what’s more interesting is that one can make a glass filled with smoothie with almost anything. From citrusy fruits to nutrient-rich vegetables, crunchy seeds and even nuts and dry fruits, simply toss it during a blender, add whatever you wish and you’re good to go!

Easy Breakfast Recipe: the way to Make A 3-Ingredient Energy Boosting Smoothie

Dates (or Khajur) is one dry fruit that’s versatile, healthy and wholesome, and lends a definite flavour to anything it’s added to. Since a smoothie in breakfast may be a great option because it’s wholesome, easy and super quick – what better than a dates-banana smoothie to stay us satiated for long?

Here may be a 3-ingredient smoothie brimming with the goodness of dates along side fibre-rich banana, blended into a smoothie with chilled almond milk. you do not got to add extra sugar, since dates are naturally sweet.

you’ll add ice cubes if you would like . Quick, easy, fuss-free, rich and absolutely delicious, this nutritious smoothie is all you would like for a morning boost.

Sticky, chewy and sweet, dates are even considered as superfoods because they’re power-packed with nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and fibre.

Since dates also are rich in natural sugars, they supply a moment energy boost which ultimately makes them perfect to incorporate in your breakfast. When combined with bananas, rich in fibre, it’ll keep you satiated for an extended time.

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Try it reception and allow us to know your experience within the comments section below.


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