When England Players Sledged Virat Kohli Over His “Ex-Girlfriend”

When England Players Sledged Virat Kohli Over His Ex-Girlfriend

Virat Kohli Ex-Girlfriend reportedly gave English team ammunition to sledge him when he spoke to former opener Nick Compton about lecture his ex-girlfriend.

Cricket could also be the “Gentleman’s game”, but it doesn’t stop players from playing mind games and trying to urge into the opposition’s heads to urge a competitive advantage.

Former England batsman Nick Compton revealed how, during England’s tour of India in 2012, that they had sledged India captain Virat Kohli throughout the series after he had confronted Compton for chatting together with his ex-girlfriend.

Compton said that he had met her during an evening out before the series and talked to her, and Kohli, who wasn’t captain at the time, wasn’t best pleased about it, and would have “a few words” with him when he would walk bent bat.

But that did not compute in Kohli’s favour, because the England players used it to undertake and wind him up instead.

“I specially got a couple of words from Virat Kohli during the series. i feel I saw his ex-girlfried at the time before the series.

When England Players Sledged Virat Kohli Over His “Ex-Girlfriend”

It had been a night with Kevin Pietersen, myself, Yuvraj Singh. All folks were there and she or he was there,” the previous England opener said on the “Edges and Sledges” podcast.

“And I just chatted to her. and that i think the word came that i used to be chatting with her and that i don’t think Virat Kohli was very proud of that. i feel he had a couple of words to mention to me whenever I walked bent bat,” he said.

“I think he was trying to mention that it had been his girlfriend, and she or he was saying that it had been her ex-boyfriend, so it had been like, who’s got the story right here?”

“It was quite funny at the time, i feel the players, especially within the England camp, caught hold of it.

So we used it as how to stay winding him up and check out to urge into his head, but you recognize , he’s a world-class performer and he came back to attain an honest hundred within the last match and clearly his career has gone from strength to strength,” Compton said.

But it had been quite funny joke that we had throughout the series and something that I always smile about. But it had been beat straightness ,” he added.

England went on to win the series 2-1, because of inspired performances from Alastair Cook – who scored three centuries within the four matches – and Kevin Pietersen.

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