Hum ‘aatmanirbhar’ actors ban gaye hai: Kanika Mann on resuming shoots


MUMBAI: After three months of lockdown, aatmanirbhar the viewers will finally get to ascertain their favourite serials returning with fresh episodes.

One of the shows which were immensely missed by masses is Zee TV’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. The show leads Kanika Mann and Nishant Malkani have started shooting from their respective houses.

Kanika Mann finds shooting from home exciting, challenging and artistic . She shared, “I think shooting from house is just currently a replacement term and like every new thing, the experience is sort of a special one in itself.

As an actor, we never took much interest in delving into the tasks of our other crew matters and moreover we somewhere did not recognize the importance of their efforts. i feel with this new change, we’ve realised the worth of the work that our 100- 150 member crew undertakes.

Hum ‘aatmanirbhar’ actors ban gaye hai! (laughs) and right from ironing our own costumes to even directing our own scenes sometimes , we are all managing it on our own.

Hum ‘aatmanirbhar’ actors ban gaye hai: Kanika Mann on resuming shoots

Kanika Mann

Our number of retakes has also increased because unlike a group , where everything works during a controlled manner, the environment reception is sort of a special one.

Having said that it’s quite exciting change, we get to organize our own schedules, take certain scene related decisions on our own and despite the slight difficulties, we are glad to resume work!

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